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TLC Pharma Labs Established in the year 2012 is a fast growing organization. We supply API impurities globally at an affordable cost and with timely delivery from our ready stock. We have large number of impurity standards (EP/BP/USP) in ready stock to supply.


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TLC pharma is an impurities Manufacturers and suppliers that are required for pharmaceutical companies to examine quality, balance and biological protection of pharmaceutical products in addition to HPLC technique validation.

All impurities / associated compounds are supplied with certificates of analysis (CoA) together with the whole characterization statistics. TLC pharma offers numerous Impurities including – Degradation Impurities, Process Impurities, Potential Impurities, KSM impurities, API impurities etc.

Acyclovir impurities , guanine, and impurity A had been baseline separated with isocratic situations at pH=3.zero and run time under 15 min via the usage of an SB-CN column from Agilent (a hundred and fifty mm x four.6mm and 3.five microns). Moreover, while run time has come to be advanced to 40 min six impurities (guanine, impurities A, F, G, Vir 3/four and N(7)) plus acyclovir had been separated withinside the identical situations. The molecular section consisted of buffer A/acetonitrile 96:four (v/v), being buffer A:25 mM H(3)PO(four) (Milli-Q H(2)O) added to pH 3.zero with KOH. The identical column supplied separation for all of the seven impurities defined in the pharmacopoeia, at the side of impurity C, which coeluted with acyclovir withinside the preceding situations with a molecular section organized with 25 mM phosphoric acid (pH=1. 8)/acetonitrile 96:four (v/v). The technique has been established following ICH recommendations and it has mounted to be dependable for acyclovir and its impurities determination.

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